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Bedford Borough Green Skills Development Programme

A fully funded business support resource for Bedford Borough based businesses and people looking for a career involving green skills

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Choose the option(s) that fit your needs best.  From an assessed completion of all modules leading to a Bedford Borough Sustainability Champion Certificate, to one or module completion with associated CPD certification. Delivered in a practical and engaging way by business people for business people.


Carbon Footprint Management

Environmental literacy and carbon accounting fundamentals. Topics include Green House Gas emissions, Carbon footprint overview and terminology, Net Zero and Carbon Neutrality, Measuring Carbon Footprints, Creating a Net Zero carbon reduction plan, Direct biodiversity impact assessment

Resource Efficiency Strategies

Optimising resource use and minimising waste. Topics include Maximising renewable and recycled inputs, Understanding supply chain biodiversity impacts, Transport impact reduction, End of life disposal routes, Designing for a circular economy, Processes and infrastructure for a circular economy

Strategic Green Planning & Effective Communications

Developing a comprehensive green strategy and effectively communicating your sustainability efforts. Topics include Stakeholder mapping, Topic list creation, Materiality assessment, Risk and opportunity identification, Metrics & Targets, Strategy Development.

Sustainability & Environmental Action Plans

Moving from impact assessment to practical plans to improve your impacts – minimising the negative, amplifying the positive and addressing any gaps. Topics include Mapping impacts across your value chain, Quantifying impacts, Managing risks and opportunities, Creating environmental value beyond your value chain, Building and managing your action plan.

Greening Your Supply Chain: Strategies & Tools

Sourcing responsibly and supporting ethical suppliers. Topics include Supplier Mapping, Sustainable Sourcing Criteria, Ethical Procurement Policies, Supplier Engagement, Performance Monitoring, Sustainable Logistics, Waste Reduction Strategies, Continuous Improvement.

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